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develop a performance-focused culture

There are 5 key areas in which we focus to support organisations make the transition from Performance Management to a Performance Culture

Leadership and Management
Managers and leaders need the skills to manage performance effectively on a day to day basis, not just at appraisal time.

Part of the reason that current performance management does not work is that managers are not skilled and confident at having the right conversations, focusing on performance and development. In an effective performance culture, managers are providing frequent coaching, addressing performance issues quickly, focusing on development and building strong relationships. We can help you with development programmes for managers to enable them to becomes highly skilled at leading performance. And getting the best from people.

Team Disciplines
Addressing and developing collective performance in a disciplined way

Many organisations espouse the value of teamwork, but relatively few actually have the culture and tools in place to enable teams to thrive. We believe that a disciplined approach is needed to give organisations the ability to develop teams and to deliver collective performance results. We design and deliver programmes that offer a practical structure for helping teams at all levels to collaborate more effectively and deliver higher performance.

High Performance Conversations
Conversations drive performance!

So much of culture is about the conversations that take place – one of the biggest differences managers can make is in the quality and regularity of the conversations that they have with their people. However, good conversations are 2-way and require a foundation of trust. We can work with managers and teams to help them to be able to jointly conduct effective performance-focused conversations.

Performance Systems
People benefit from clarity of performance expectations and having the ability to track progress.

We can help you to tailor and embed tools that enable alignment between day to day activity and strategy and purpose, within the organisation’s context. This provides visibility to those involved in delivering performance in terms of priorities, progress, dependencies, accountabilities etc. The system needs to support performance rather than get in the way! It needs to be responsive to changes in circumstances, focusing on collective performance, with clear individual accountabilities.

Engagement and Motivation
Organisations need to truly engage and motivate people – not simply tick a box.

We need to recognising the reality of what science is now telling us about motivation. This challenges long-held assumptions about motivation. We can help you to develop a culture that gives people clear purpose, provides autonomy and enables self-mastery. A high performance culture encourages a growth mindset and enables people to do what they are good at, building on strengths and to genuinely own their own performance.

Moving from Performance Management to an

Integrated Performance Culture

Whilst it is clear that current performance management practices are often not impacting on results, the solution is not a redesigned appraisal process. We need to think beyond performance management and develop a culture of high performance.

Individually focused
Annual cycle, process led
Assess past performance
12-month objectives
The ‘what’ of performance
Appraisal, limited feedback
Management and control
Extrinsic motivation
Balance individual and collective
Continuous, respond to business flow
Current and future performance
Live priorities and outcomes
The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of performance
Frequent coaching and feedback
Ownership of performance
Intrinsic motivation
flockofcats is all about combining the benefits of individual talent and performance with the strengths of collaboration and teamwork. We help organisations to move beyond current performance management approaches and to create high performance cultures by developing engagement, skills, quality conversations and coaching.

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