Welcome to flockofcats


Welcome to flockofcats

welcome to flockofcatsflockofcats is a collaboration between Andy James and Pete Flaherty, who both have a passion for supporting individuals, teams and organisations to deliver great performance.

But why have we called it ‘flockofcats’??

Domestic cats are very individual by their nature, and will tend to follow their own instincts. Trying to control a single cat can be hard enough, but to get a get a number of cats to do something together can be more or less impossible.

We felt that this provides a powerful metaphor for the challenges of life in modern organisations. Individual performance is key to the success of any venture. Organisations need individuals to perform at their best. However, in a complex and rapidly changing environment results are often dependent upon collaboration and teamwork within and across organisational boundaries.

Performance management practices have become increasingly focused on individual performance and reward. They don’t tend to pay sufficient attention to the collaborative effort needed to deliver results.

We believe that organisations need to develop cultures that effectively balance individual with collaborative performance and development.

Hence flockofcats.

flockofcats is all about combining the benefits of individual talent and performance with the strengths of collective effort to achieve success. The focus of this collaboration is helping organisations to move beyond current approaches and to develop high performance cultures that lead to organisational growth and success.