flockofcats - developing your performance culture
flockofcats - developing your performance culture

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Developing a performance-focused culture
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The environment and organisations continue to change at pace. We are faced with ever more complex challenges. A new generation is entering the world of work, with different expectations.

In order to be successful, we need better ways to engage people in delivering high performance.

Increasing evidence shows that ‘traditional’ Performance Management systems are not only time-consuming and ineffective; they are also actually hindering performance. Performance appraisals are often criticised for being ineffective, both for employee and employer. Recent research shows that 70% of multi-national organisations are moving away from Performance Management systems founded on an annual appraisal.

In today’s real-time world, people have instant access to information through their social media networks and digital devices. Organisations need to create the right environment for the new generation to flourish in their careers. People want immediate feedback about how they are doing. There is a real risk that if we expect a traditional rear-view approach to performance management to engage them, we will lose them. Who wants to wait for an annual cycle for feedback, when, in fact, performance happens every day?

To survive and thrive in the turbulence of the modern world, organisations of all sizes need better ways to engage people, enabling individuals and teams to perform at their best. It is not about redesigning the appraisal process – it is about developing a culture of high performance.

We need to move from Performance Management to an Integrated Performance Culture.

A high performance culture focuses on doing the right things, in the right way. It provides clarity and focus for employees and gives employers the confidence that employees are working on what really matters to the business.

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flockofcats is all about combining the benefits of individual talent and performance with the strengths of collective effort to achieve success.

Individual performance is key to the success of any venture. Organisations need individuals to perform at their best. However, in a complex and rapidly changing environment results are often dependent upon collaboration within and across organisational boundaries.

Organisations need to create an environment that nurtures individual talent and also fosters high levels of and teamwork.

flockofcats is a collaboration between Andy James and Pete Flaherty, who both have a passion for supporting individuals, teams and organisations to deliver great performance. The focus of this collaboration is moving beyond current performance management practices and developing high performance cultures that lead to organisational growth and success.

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In order to help organisations to develop a high performance culture, we work in 5 key areas:

  • Developing managers and leaders with the skills to deliver and develop performance effectively on a day to day basis, not just at appraisal time.
  • Addressing and developing collective, team performance in a disciplined way.
  • Supporting people at all levels with developing the ability to effectively conduct the conversations that drive performance.
  • Implementing a system provides clarity of performance expectations and gives the ability to track progress at organisational, team and individual level.
  • Helping organisations to truly engage and motivate people.
flockofcats is all about combining the benefits of individual talent and performance with the strengths of collaboration and teamwork. We help organisations to move beyond current performance management approaches and to create high performance cultures by developing engagement, skills, quality conversations and coaching.

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